Xamarin.Forms Training

Train your Xamarin.Forms skills to the MAX

Starting a new Xamarin.Forms project? This course will learn you and your team to use Xamarin.Forms to build fully native Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platform apps with Xamarin and C#. Xamarin.Forms exposes a complete cross-platform UI toolkit for .NET developers. You will learn how to incorporate navigation and standard\custom gestures into your app’s user experience.



15 days


Introduction to Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Reduce the amount of code you must write by sharing your business logic across platforms.

Layout in Xamarin.Forms

Specify the size and position of the controls in your Xamarin.Forms UI using the two most common layout containers: StackLayout and Grid.

Resources and Styles in Xamarin.Forms

Use resources and styles in Xamarin.Forms to manage shared values and provide a consistent UI look and feel.

SQLite and Mobile Data

Use SQLite to efficiently store and retrieve on-device data.

Navigation Patterns in Xamarin.Forms

Implement multi-page Xamarin.Forms apps using stack and tab navigation.

Preparing for Publishing

Prepare your app for release through the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Marketplace.

Patterns for Cross Platform Mobile Development

Use the Factory pattern, the Service Locator pattern, and Dependency Injection to access platform-specific APIs from shared code in a loosely-coupled manner.

Master-detail and Drawer Navigation

In this course, you’ll learn how to switch between pages of content using drawer navigation, and create a master-detail UI to browse data collections

Mobile Application Architecture

Learn common architectural principals and styles to properly structure your mobile app.

Customizing the ListView in Xamarin.Forms

Customize the Xamarin.Forms ListView control using custom cells, headers/footers, grouping, and cell caching.

Design an MVVM ViewModel in Xamarin.Forms

Apply the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern to your Xamarin.Forms apps to improve code reuse and testability.

Xamarin.Forms Effects

Use Effects to customize the appearance of the native controls that underlie Xamarin.Forms elements.

Xamarin.Forms Renderers

Use Renderers to customize the behavior of existing Xamarin.Forms controls and create your own custom controls.

Diagnosing Memory Management Issues

Locate and fix memory problems in your Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android applications.

Target Audience


If you haven’t tried Xamarin yet, this is the moment to get started! Xamarin is a cross-platform framework that makes it possible to build mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows all together at once using C# and a shared codebase.




Lab Development


Most of the courses in this training have a lab. In these labs you will learn how to build a Xamarin app from scratch.



Students should have significant previous experience with the C# programming language and familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts such as inheritance and interfaces. Knowledge of or experience with the Native iOS SDK’s are a big plus.

C# programming language
familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts

Continuing Education Program:​

Xamarin: UI\UX


Course Materials

All attendees receive comprehensive courseware.

Software needed on student PC


Apple Xcode (available from the Mac App Store)

Visual Studio for Mac

Android SDK

Lab file bundle provided with the course


Visual Studio (any edition)

Xamarin Tools and Android SDK (available as part of the Visual Studio installation)

Optional – Mac computer that can be connected to remotely (via SSH) for running iOS-based applications

Lab file bundle provided with the course

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